BlackBerry Makes Autonomous Vehicle Play

An unfamiliar provider for private and non-private areas – can encourage efforts to develop self-reliant and related car pilot applications.

Waterloo, Ontario-based fully Blackberry, which has pivoted its last business built round cell handset in the latest years, developed this site to provide important infrastructure for vehicles, and to securely exchange statistics for visitors Highlight for

Investors will see their first investment in the favor of investment Ottawa, which will probably be used in the automobile check music of sixteen kilometers, which is similar to the small metropolis, which prevent pavement trail, traffic lighting fixtures, symptoms and pedestrians Is complete for crosswalks

Blackberry said that he will waive any service charges for this new product. There is a possibility of business venture that the confidence of the automobile manufacturers, as well as neighboring governments, which can be worried about the improvement of the metropolitan infrastructure, will be beneficial.

On Blackberry, Chief Advertising and Marketing Officer Mark Wilson, on Monday, needs to safely speak vehicles with a variety of vehicles, infrastructure and smart gadgets for the period of a press.

The destiny of customized motors will depend on an associated infrastructure because extra security is required, Blackberry insists. Security is a place in which the enterprise has performed excellent, while its proportion of cellular device marketplace is faded.

Wilson said, “We focus on achieving every related thing, whether it is in a vehicle or the whole city or not”, the footprint of Blackberry in transportation has never been more powerful. ”

Secure V2V communication

Security among cars becomes more and more important, because the associated automobile uses various alternative programs for alternative facts, along with the transport department, the road infrastructure, site visitor management, and other statistics. Regarding in which the vessel sensors can not always come.

SCMS, which is based entirely on Blackberry’s Certification Generation, is designed to provide easy and reliable Hosted Public Infrastructure (PKI), which manipulate certificates from a corporation or perhaps entire environment. Could.

This system is designed to create a good way to assist the national in addition to transparational deployment, Blackberry said, that along with the OEM, public officials can also allow the turnkey cloud-main form for the car What would be the benefit of the business venture described as a provider based? -Auto-Infrastructure (V2X) certificate issuing and life cycle control.

BlackChain CEO John Chen said, “The future of self-sustaining automobiles can not be realized until smart transport systems are kept in this area.

He said, “By removing obstacles like security, privacy and cost, we believe our SCMS carriers will promote many clever metro cities and connected vehicles pilot applications, which are applying in the area around this area.”

From Ottawa and beyond

Through the partnership of Blackberry with investment Ottawa, the primary pilot application will be within the aforementioned personal AV test tune at the beginning of the next 12 months.

A look at the tracks will use emerging technology with 5G network as well as the existing metro’s infrastructure – including visitor lights and pedestrians.

“Our integrated public and personal AV check track is prepared with GPS, DSRC, WiFi, 4G / LTE and 5G, so that this primary AV puts a look into its kind of surroundings in North America,” Cali Daise Said, CAV Director. Program in Investment Ottawa

“We sit in order to take advantage of BlackBerry’s sector-class conservation and analytical competencies,” Daize added, “and to be in innovators, firms, and areas to promote the comfortable deployment of AVS, Intelligent Transportation System, and Smart Should. ”

With this first pilot application, Blackberry hopes that various corporations and communities will be motivated to take advantage of the loose SCMS service.

Jim Alfred, chief of certification for Blackberry said, “What we are doing these days is increasing the market for related automobile pilots.”

The objective is to motivate for smart cities, in which apart from OEM with Blackberry, they present.

Protection demand

An attached infrastructure can really express clever cities and autonomous motors collectively and therefore due to boom protection. However, security will become even more important, given that any weak factor within the device would like to open the door for hackers.

Robert Anderle, primary analyst at Anderle Group, said, “Credentials are about safety, no longer operating.”

“Once you get involved in a smart city, you can reduce operating costs, less visitor can provide better police protection through better delivery – large area less people – and generally more residents Let’s be happy, “he told TechNewsWorld.

“But if the gadget is in the grip of hacking, then these unpredictable power turns yellow in the face of life-threatening risks, and traffic lights fixtures, utilities and police are interrupted – or worse, The guns were there, “Anderle said.

“BlackBerry SCMS is designed to make some advantages of the past without the dangers of the latter,” he explained. “It is to ensure that those structures are always used against us against an opponent instead of a unit of the door.

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